Case Study

Midwest Chemical Provides More Value than Lowest Price Per Pound Polymer in Municipal Wastewater Bid


• Arkansas wastewater plant submitted invitation to bid to Solenis for dewatering flocculants
• MWCE performed on-site bench and full-scale testing to demonstrate overall cost
• Solenis product was determined lowest cost per dry ton of sludge produced
• MWCE solved effluent TSS problem with recommended polymer solution
• MWCE provided the design for the new polymer system


A municipal wastewater treatment plant in Arkansas was accepting bids for the supply of cationic polymers for sludge dewatering. MWCE is the authorized Solenis sales agent in the Midwest. They performed on site bench testing of Solenis products to determine the lowest cost product per dry ton of cake produced. They also provided samples for full scale trial to demonstrate annualized polymer cost. Solenis was determined the lowest overall bidder and won the recommendation of plant personnel for dewatering business, but MWCE did not stop there with providing value.

The wastewater treatment plant was taking in higher than designed loadings and was struggling with effluent TSS numbers. After a full process evaluation MWCE recommended feeding a low charge cationic polymer for improved solids settleability in final clarifiers. MWCE provided a trial polymer feed system free-of-charge to demonstrate decreased TSS in effluent while properly feeding polymer to the clarifiers. The plant personnel determined the Solenis polymer and polymer feed system was the lowest cost solution to eliminating discharge TSS. MWCE recommended and supplied a new makedown unit with 4-20ma signal for control on the plant’s SCADA.


MWCE delivers more than just the lowest price per pound of polymer for its municipal wastewater customers. We offer expert product selection and understanding of wastewater systems. A polymer solution separate to the dewatering polymer bid was provided in Arkansas. One of MWCE’s goals is to always demonstrate ROI in our services and solutions. That goal was achieved in this case.
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